phase3 impower project rehablitation kat-katha

Empower Projects – Rehabilitation, The last phase of the vision cycle signifies the stage where women and children are supported to move out of GB Road with different planned projects for sustainable rehabilitation:

a) Residential Space - Hriday Kunj

We want to create a residential space for women and children. This will be away from brothels and provide the much needed and neglected social-emotional support, and engage them in learning opportunities, economic growth, and social acceptance.

A holistic program will be designed for women and children focusing on their mental, physical, emotional, academic, professional, economic and spiritual growth. Further, the children will identify their strengths and passions through mentoring programs and workshops. They will be prepared for admission in leading institutes of academic and cultural excellence.

Whereas, the women will be trained and transformed to become entrepreneurs, professionals and create an alternate life choice. The vision is to create a safe space and allow the women and children to blossom on their own.

b) Maitri Meals - Mid day meal project

The Art and meal project will be planned and executed by “Maitri Meals”, an initiative by Kat-Katha started on 15th August 2016, to provide alternate life choice in food vertical for women living on GB Road. Kat-Katha closely worked with two women from GB Road who were trained in cooking, packaging, delivering, and managing the project for one year. These women have an experience of preparing and delivering 3000 quick meal boxes. Now we aim to expand the project for successful rehabilitation of women.

The Mid Day meal project between PVR Cinemas, Art to Play & Kat-Katha will support in following ways:

  • Instilling self-confidence and self-esteem in women so they can dream and have the courage to step out of G.B. Road and live an alternate & better life through this project.
  • Exposure to business & support in personality development.
  • Financial/Health/Education support for their children

c) Jobs/Training/Hostels

We have been working in past to explore such opportunities for our Didis and students like in the case of Rishi, who has been associated with Kat-Katha for past 5 years and last year we enrolled him in “Head Held High ” program in Bangalore that trains children in various life skills for six months and then after six months provide them with job opportunities. Also, we have been able to successfully rescue two of our young girls and admit them to a hostel shifted outside of GB Road for their safe and better future.