Risto ka safarnama kat-katha

This project is journey of love and trust which we are establishing in brothels with our Didis and children. Through deep relationship building, we aim to achieve our mission to convert this area into a ‘Pyaar Ka Mohalla’ (street of love). We aim to get informed regarding their aspirations, talents, stories, background, and basic requirements through this project so that we can further provide them suitable opportunities and alternate life choices with support of our bridge school and rehabilitation projects.

The main objectives of Rishto ka Safarnama can be deliberated as under:

  • Relationship building with the Community.
  • First hand documentation including database, stories, and requirements etc.
  • In the beginning, we aim to build deep relationships in 20 brothels in the next twelve months.
  • Document each of their needs - legal and health status.
  • Understand the services required to address their needs.
  • Create projects that will be in line with their aspirations and them live an alternate life.
  • Creating a more trustworthy environment inside brothels.