In the year 2012, the seed of an unusual idea, took shape in the unlikeliest of places in India. Registered under the Societies Registration act 1860, Kat-Katha was born on the streets of GB Road, the largest red-light area in the National capital region. Looking back today, in a short span of over five years, Kat-Katha has transformed the lives of several women professional sex workers on G B road. Since its inception, Kat-Katha has been guided by the vision of ending ‘Forced Sex work’. Founded and shaped by experienced, passionate and professional social agents, Kat-Katha has today established itself as an organization synonymous with trust, respect and deliverability among its diverse stakeholders.

The efforts by Kat-Katha have been recognized at several prestigious forums including L’oreal Paris Femina Women Awards, Times Now Amazing Indian Award, Mahindra Rise Award, Reebok Fit to Fight Award, Zee TV Fempowerment Award, Doordarshan Tejasvini Award, and so on.

about what we do kat-katha

Kat Katha has been functional for the last four years at GB Road, in the National Capital with the sole Vision to “End Forced Sex work”. Over the years Kat-Katha, a “not for profit” has quietly been transforming G.B. Road brothels into classrooms, and safe spaces for the women and their children to learn, explore creative arts, and come alive with a sense of connection, expression, and possibility. Kat-Katha provides women sex workers (Didis) with caring support and the chance to pursue a basic education, develop job-related skills for alternate livelihoods. In an attempt to make it holistic, Kat Katha also works closely with the children of these Didis by establishing an activity centre for education, self-exploration, creative endeavours, social exchange programs and self-reflection.


Kat-Katha’s vision cycle can be broadly simplified in four phases:

Field Research & Relationship Building

Field research and analysis on GB Road to collect comprehensive database of women and children, create a map of brothels, list down social, financial and legal requirements from the beneficiaries, identify women and children


Bridge School on GB Road is a ‘bridge’ to integrate with society at large. Bridge school is a place where the women and the child feel free to come, and can feel a sense of ownership and security. The school has a training module

Empower Projects
& Rehabilitation

Empower Projects – Rehabilitation
The last phase of the vision cycle signifies the stage where women and children are supported to move out of GB Road with different planned projects for sustainable rehabilitation

Freedom from
‘Forced Sex work’

Kat-Katha is on a journey to accomplish the Freedom for women and children by achieving the goals in first three phases. This is our dream phase, where women and children will be fully enabled to live a life of their